Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Welcome to The Car Park, a professional parking management company that leases, manages and owns parking facilities. We also provide design, equipment, audit and general consulting services to some of the nation's largest property owners and managers. Come park with us and experience why we are taking parking to a whole new level.

Valet Parking Services

The success of a special event can often relate to the successful management of the parking serving the event.  Valet and Special Event services are available in Boise, Roanoke, and Wichita.  Let our trained and insured professionals valet your event.

Small Business of the Year

The Car Park is honored to be a recipient of the Boise Chamber of Commerce 2011 Small Business of the Year award.  The spirit of the Small Business Awards is to recognize those businesses that have a history of outstanding business practices in the Boise community.  This award also honors the entrepreneurship, sustainability, productivity and effort put forth in a small business.

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